Tori Vasquez "Let It Go"
Blue October "The Worry List"
Bowling For Soup "Even Santa Needs a Break Sometimes"
Bowling For Soup "We're a Couple of Misfits"
Bowling For Soup "S-S-S-Saturday"
Bowling For Soup "I've Never Done Anything Like This"
Zayra "Baby Likes To Bang (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Remix) - Club Mix"
The Black and White Years "Power To Change"
Zayra "V.I.P. (Dave Audé Club Mix)"
Blue October "Fear"
Tori Vasquez "Wear You Thin"
Blue October "Home"

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Genres: Alternative & Punk, Rock

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Blue October's "Home" has reached #33 on the Current Day Chart +46. 16 weeks on the Hot AC Chart - POWER and SUB POWER Callout, Mscores and sales. "All songs have a title. This song lives and breathes it's title! The hook grabs you and connects! This is a HIT!" - Jim Ryan, SiriusXM Pulse [ Read more ]

Bowling For Soup Launches PledgeMusic Campaign For New AlbumBowling For Soup is heading back into the studio this year to record a new album! Drunk Dynasty will be coming out in September. In the meantime, YOU can be a part of the album starting NOW! We’re back with PledgeMusic and will be giving you updates along the way. Click HERE to see all the items ... [ Read more ]

Blue October's New Album Home Out TodayBlue October’s new album Home is out today! Click HERE to order it now. Watch the official video for “Home” HERE. [ Read more ]

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