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Za-y-ra \’zai - ē - rr - ă \: Trained in the soft art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a relatively high tolerance to physical blows, Zayra does not have any super power abilities. She has, however, naturally enhanced her physical form to the point that her movement and talents seem superhuman and her intense passion for performance art puts those talents to test.

One of Zayra’s early missions was to endure the challenge of seven weeks of stimulating exposure on Supernova. The intensity of the experience and the lingering afterglow strengthened her. Yes, she is a Reality TV veteran. You have a problem with that? The Los Angeles Times praised her as “an aspiring rock goddess...who prances around in cosmic blue cat suits like she’s Ziggy Stardust’s long lost Caribbean cousin.”

Nice quote, except that Zayra does not prance. She commands. She sports the peaked cap of an army officer and wears it like a crown, not a disguise or costume. Rather, a symbol of respect and she urges it on. Maam, yes, maam. But she’s no situation room general. She thirsts for the action, and the stage is her battlefield. In horned helmet she is ready for war. She’s in for the fight and a little blood does not scare Zayra. As long as it’s applied as impeccably as her make-up. Baby likes to bang. Bang, bang, bang. But, don’t fuck with her make-up.

After her parents' mysterious disappearance as a child, Zayra was taken in and raised on a diet of Latin Soul by the elite Puerto Rican crime syndicate, the Cobralush. While hidden deep in their undisclosed cave headquarters on Mona Island, she was trained in hand to hand combat, use of the katana, and bomba dancing.
Who is this girl? A lethal vigilant? A crusader of justice? Maybe. A military-fixated fashionista ready to serve her country as a modern day Vargas girl? Fer sure. I don’t want my picture on a frame. I gotta have the front page. She’s like Elektra Natchios meets La Lupe. Her rebellious dance pop is badass and she kills whenever she takes the stage. And, she definitely likes her cosmic blue cat suits. They help minimize the chances of her inadvertently harming someone.

Drop the beat now, baby.
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Album: Baby Likes To Bang (Single)
Genre: Dance & House
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Album: Baby Likes To Bang (Single)
Genre: Dance & House
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Album: V.I.P. Single
Genre: Electronica
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Album: Baby Likes To Bang (Single)
Genre: Dance & House

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Zayra "Baby Likes To Bang"
Zayra Zayra - "V.I.P. (My Father Is Mick Jagger)" (Dave Aude Radio Mix)
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